Historic photography album by Oscar Gustav Rejlander – Export from the UK banned

Inspiration for a photo project? Jason Travis photographed people and the things they use daily

Photoshop vs. Darkroom – Great Video that shows traditional darkroom methods explained by Konrad Eek

Kwerfeldein testet drei Smartphone-Apps: Manual, VSCO Cam, SKRWT (GERMAN)

Mark Seliger’s portraits of Hollywood Glamour from the Oscar party 2015

Professional Photography Guide for Instagram

Get Perfect Effects 9 Premium for free


Winners of the contest „Outdoor Photographer of the Year“ 2014 – main contest website

Nice little Interview with David Hume Kennerly about iPhone Photography

Amazing behind the scenes video from Erik Johansson, a great photographer and retoucher from sweden

Not possible? Yes it is. Astrophotography with an iPhone

Street Photography Magazine for 5 Euro von Alex Coghe with it’s own Tumblr Website

Watch 170,000 photographs online from 1935-1945 created by the United States Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information with 617 photos from Andreas Feininger

50 Tips – SEO Guide for photographers (EN)

IFTTT launches Do Camera – recipes that instantly share your photos on other channels (like Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote)

Foto-Convention 2015 in Zingst


Have a look at my best web-photo-links of last week:

„Behind Photographs“ series from Tim Mantoani – Big polaroids of famous photographers holding the picture they are known for

Berlin Underground Photography by Patrick Kauffmann

Long Exposure Nightime Photographs of Landscapes by Paul Thompson

Test free Beta-Version of Affinity Photo – new Photoshop competitor for Mac

Darkroom – free photo editor for iOS (some features are In-App purchases)

Levitation Tutorial

Largest mobile photography exhibition in major US museum