Learning more about conceptual photography

Just learned a lot from fine-art photographer Lara Zankoul. In her fantastic tutorial „Painting with Pictures: Creating Conceptual Photography“ on Skillshare she explains her process of creating those magical photographs. Since I really like creating stories and new worlds in photos I was inspired to take part at the class project. The result is the photograph “ What are you looking for?“.


Conceptual photography project by Anne Pannecke


With this image I was a little bit inspired by the „Alice in Wonderland“ Story. I am working on a series with these stories in mind. Central for me in this picture is the question of/ search for your own identity and how you define it.

The character in the picture looks at a wall, her head turned unnatural in the wrong direction – for me this is a symbol of looking back into your own past, which often rules your view of the world today. In contrast to that – her body turns forward, showing a key. For me the key is a symbol for the possibility to unlock your mind/ your passions, it is a way to open new possibilities in the future. It’s so close you can grab it. It lets you wonder what it will open/ what the future will look like. Also she is wearing a red shirt. It stands in contrast to the dull wall she is looking at. For me it symbols the fire of your dreams that wait to be unlocked.
The crop is intentionally very close with lot’s of headspace. It shall convey a feeling of being caged in but at the same time show room for thinking.


As you see the setup for the picture is pretty simple – I just used my living room for the shoot, a wall photograph and some trees I shoot for really subtle texture (like the old saying „miss the wood for the trees“).

Conceptual photography project


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