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Polaroid from Anne Pannecke

Maybe it is because I grew up in small town? Anyway – I always was hungry to see the world. After graduation from school I jumped into the cold water and travelled for the first time by plane to New Zealand  – for a year of discovery and new working experiences. For me it was as far away as I could possible go from the everyday routine I knew.

In the end my New Zealand travels let me realize why I love photography. Taking photos was my way of remembering all these big and little moments of my journey. Photography let me in some way hold on to all the new things I was discovering every day. Being in a different country and culture opened my eyes to new perspectives. With my photos my dream came true and I was able to share my happiness.

The end result: People called me „camera girl“ and 13 (huge) photo albums filled up (Note: All photos where still shoot on good old 35mm film which was very expensive to get in NZ. I remember vividly waiting for a package from my family. A package filled with new film rolls. Sometimes I think about how many more photos I may have done in this digital age today?

I love to discover new things through photography. It lets me see the world differently and it makes me look closer.

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My photography

Photography for me is a way to capture and communicate my emotions, experiences and imagination. It gives me the possibility to see the unseen and to search for the beauty in everyday life.

I want to transform the ordinary into the wonderful with my photos. They show strength and vulnerability at the same time while they capture a brief moment. A moment before something great can happen.

Due to the revision of the photos they are blurred into paintings and vice versa. The reality of the photo is often as true as a memory or a dream.

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